Tax Investigations

At Frontier we can assist with most forms of tax investigation or disclosure. Examples of the various types of investigations and disclosure we have dealt with on a regular basis include:

  • HMRC Self Assessment enquiries – individuals, partnerships and small businesses (including companies)
  • HMRC Expatriate Tax-based enquiries
  • HMRC Voluntary Disclosures
  • HMRC Investigations undertaken by HMRC Specialist Investigations’ Unit
  • British tax residence, dual residence and foreign tax residence enquiries (individuals, partnerships and corporate)
  • British Domicile status-related enquiries
  • IR35 HMRC enquiries
  • Offshore investigations
  • HMRC Offshore Trust Unit
  • HMRC Trusts and Estates Unit
  • Checks of Double Tax Treaty Claims
  • Dual Contracts enquiries undertaken by HMRC

Tax Authority – First Contact

At Frontier we strongly recommend taking time and care in handling the first contact with a tax authority, be it with HMRC or any other tax authority.

This is so, irrespective of whether you have been contacted or need to make contact.First contact often sets the tone and direction of the process, be it an investigation of your tax affairs or your seeking to regularise your tax affairs.

In our experience, excellent preparation and a face to face initial meeting with the relevant tax officials can achieve efficiencies. Things move along more quickly and in the right direction.

The Process

A tax investigation, enquiry or disclosure can often be a stressful and worrying process. At Frontier, our focus is not only on the technical aspect and on obtaining the best possible financial settlement for you, a key component of our service is to take as much of that stress off your hands as possible.

In most instances, tax authorities have no right to insist on meeting with or speaking to you directly. We will act as your representative and will only seek your agreement to direct interaction with a tax authority where it is in your interest.

We will deal with your case in a pro-active and strategic manner. This includes providing you with timely updates and discussing our proposed strategy for dealing with the investigation, enquiry or disclosure with you first.

We will seek to establish the dynamics involved at the tax authority’s department dealing with your case. Their people, their mind set, their approach and factor this in to our strategy for reaching the quickest, most cost effective outcome for you.

If at any stage we consider that the tax authorities concerned have crossed a line, we will pro-actively address this and defend your position ensuring that your rights and protections remain intact and respected.

We will work with all parties concerned to bring the matter to a conclusion as quickly as possible, so that you can run your business and get on with your life.


In addition to the tax position, any tax investigation or voluntary disclosure requires careful management of your exposure to financial penalties.

In a British context, HMRC recently introduced a new penalty regime where the actual handling of the investigation or disclosure by the agent/taxpayer can have a significant bearing on the extent to which a financial penalty may be due.

At Frontier we have many years’ experience handling tax investigations, enquiries and disclosures of varying degrees.

We know and advise you pro-actively on your potential exposure to financial penalties, seeking always to achieve the lowest possible overall financial settlement for our clients.