Nomaan IIyas

Nomaan is the Managing Director at Frontier and has been at the firm since the summer of 2000. After graduating from the University of London, Nomaan started his career with KPMG. Since then, he has built the bulk of his expertise with Frontier.
Nomaan is the UK and US tax specialist and his area of expertise are in international tax planning and compliance for expatriate individuals, based on his knowledge of UK, US and International tax. Additionally, he is involved in tax planning for owner managed businesses and corporate entities based in the UK that have overseas operations or vice versa and complex expatriate related issues.


Shabbir Ahmad

Shabbir is a Director at Frontier. After qualifying as an accountant in 2001, Shabbir began his career with Coppergate International and has now over 10 years’ experience in providing personal UK tax and planning advice to a diversified portfolio of clients.
Shabbir specializes in advising internationally mobile individuals, helping them with their personal tax planning and administration. He also oversees a tax office in his home country of Mauritius for offshore related matters.
Due to the change in HMRC’s strategies in relation to the tax treatment of various tax enhancement investments, Shabbir is responsible for reviewing the interaction between these types of investments and any potential personal risk associated to clients.


Rekha Sharma

After studying Law at Kings College London, Rekha began her career with Frontier in 2008 as part of a graduate program. Rekha is now an Associate Director at Frontier and specializes in US and UK personal tax matters.
Rekha works with a wide range of expatriates dealing with the complexities of coming to live and work in the UK and also has experience in dealing with the US Streamlined Filing Compliance Procedures.
Rekha is a member of the Association of Taxation Technicians and an agent enrolled to practice in front of the Internal Revenue Service